Salah – When The World Turns Round (iTod, Junior & J.J Remix) – OUT 2010-11-02

Release date: 2010-11-02 – Cat.N°: GR122

Producer: DJ Salah
Lyrics Writen by Wiston Sela & Simon Fung
Photo by Miikka Heinonen

Luxembourg’s DJ Salah is as reliable as the Pony Express; he always delivers the goods! No one churns out well-produced, commercial tribal dance music like Salah. He certainly is on the verge of a global breakout. The original mix of “When The World Turns Round” commence to get the fists pumping and the heads nodding. The Radio mix begins with sexy, nearly whispered vocals as the beat warms up and leads us straight into the hook. This very clever effect enables us to appreciate the vocals while the rhythm subtly makes us move. Can you say catchy?!?!?
The Club mix begins with a strong signature Salah tribal groove; he eases his way into the vocals with a loop and allows the beats to carry the track until the first verse kicks in. As always Salah’s mixes are marked by solid production values and smart interplay between vocals and track. Very strong
material including exclusive remixes by talented producers, Zonum, iTod, JJ & Junior, Emil Persson and Mark Ivan for different crowd and club scenes; with the right help and support this can be an chart topper!!

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