VIDEO PREMIERE: Southside House Collective Feat. St. James – Raise The Roof

Today it’s the premiere of Southside House Collective’s new music video for Raise The Roof, which was
released this Monday and went straight to the ninth spot on iTunes Dance Album Chart.

Southside House Collective consists of iTod, Junior o JJ and is based in Malmö, Sweden. This is their first
release on their newly established label Southside Recordings.

Buy links to the song:


Early support from: Alandanat, Bobby Deep, Des Mitchell, Dj Frisco (Hit Clubbin/Splash FM Spain), Natalie Brogan, DJ Roog, Gai Barone, George Von Liger, Lee Butler (Radio City), Markus Schulz, Neil Moore, Pizza Brothers, Roger Sanchez, Scott (Serotonin Thieves), Wolfgang Gartner, Anders Cederholm, Andreas Rodlund, Andy Grange, Dj Jerema (FR), Dj Sunlize, JJ Romero, Johan Davidsson, Johan Åberg, Kristoffer Karlsson, Lars Hansen, Madrix, Marcello Calvetti, Mark V, Martin Hansen, Mitch, Rasmus Raz Lindvall, Tobbe P, Tommy Scott, Johan Paivaniemi

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