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VIDEO PREMIERE: Southside House Collective Feat. St. James – Raise The Roof

Today it’s the premiere of Southside House Collective’s new music video for Raise The Roof, which was
released this Monday and went straight to the ninth spot on iTunes Dance Album Chart.

Southside House Collective consists of iTod, Junior o JJ and is based in Malmö, Sweden. This is their first
release on their newly established label Southside Recordings.

Buy links to the song:


Early support from: Alandanat, Bobby Deep, Des Mitchell, Dj Frisco (Hit Clubbin/Splash FM Spain), Natalie Brogan, DJ Roog, Gai Barone, George Von Liger, Lee Butler (Radio City), Markus Schulz, Neil Moore, Pizza Brothers, Roger Sanchez, Scott (Serotonin Thieves), Wolfgang Gartner, Anders Cederholm, Andreas Rodlund, Andy Grange, Dj Jerema (FR), Dj Sunlize, JJ Romero, Johan Davidsson, Johan Åberg, Kristoffer Karlsson, Lars Hansen, Madrix, Marcello Calvetti, Mark V, Martin Hansen, Mitch, Rasmus Raz Lindvall, Tobbe P, Tommy Scott, Johan Paivaniemi

Southside House Collective Feat. St. James – Raise The Roof – OUT NOW!

Raise The RoofRaise The Roof is the first release on the brand new Swedish label Southside Recordings.
The guys behind the label is the Swedish dj & producer trio, iTod, Junior & J.J, more known as Southside House Collective.

This tough, electronic and massively effective release is for sure going to rock clubs & arenas around the world in 2013..
It’s just one of those failsafe tracks you can’t be without!

Remixes included are Chris Delay’s tight stompy tech version to Joel Smiel’s dirty electro fisting face slapper..
And of course the Original in both Vocal and Instrumental version

This is just a pack that has something for everyone in the EDM Scen.
This release will for sure Raise The Roof whenever it’s played!

Show your support and get your legal copy today!

Juno Download

Southside House Collective Feat Frideli – Superstar

Superstar is a term used to refer to a celebrity who has great popular appeal and is widely known, prominent or successful in some field.
Celebrities referred to as “Superstar” may include individuals who work as Dj’s, Producers, Musicians, Dancers, or/and other EDM-based professions. Particularly notable Superstar’s now receive the appellation megastar.

Southside House Collective Feat Frideli on the well know label Pr Records! Brings you “Superstar”
Let’s reach for the star’s

Early support from: Alex Moreno, Andreas Hellmann (Energy FM International), Des Mitchell, Flash Brothers, George Von Liger, Italian Allstars, Jay Kay (Kinky), Markus Schulz, Anders Cederholm, Christoffer Földes, Dj Boerni, Dj Jerema, Johan Mårtensson, Matt Hewie, Patrik Reman, Rasmus Raz Lindvall, Stephen Budge

Beatport (Non Scandinavia)
Beatport (Scandinavia)
iTunes (Non Scandinavia)
iTunes (Scandinavia)
Spotify (Worldwide)

Southside House Collective Feat MissuM – Six Feet Under (2012 Version)

We felt this baby needed a 2012 sound, and still keep our original 2009 feeling alive. This was our first track released and during 2009-10 it stayed on the official Swedish Dance Chart for more then 6 months.

SUPPORTED BY: Alandanat, Alexei, Brown Sneakers, Denis The Menace, Dj Frisco (Hit Clubbin/Splash FM Spain), DJ Roog, Erick Morillo, Gai Barone, Javier Martinez (Eric Morillo A&R), Jay Kay (Kinky), Josh Abrams, Lee Butler (Radio City), Matan Caspi, Michael C, Neil Moore, Otto Trigitaliz, Pedro del Mar, Ron Carroll, Stevan Chaves, Zack Roth, Anders Cederholm, Andreas Rödlund, Andy Grange, Chris Delay, Christian (Disco Co), Christian Fiirgaard, Dj Boerni, Dj Cobra, Dj Hason, Dj Jerema (FR), Endafunk, Freddie Deville, Johan Eyermann, Martin Hansen, Patrik Reman, Rasmus Raz Lindvall, Tobbe P, Tommy Scott

Hope you enjoy our re-fresh!!
We are humble for any support and feedback we can get in the EDM scene!
Thanks in advance & much love!

iTunes (Scandinavia)
iTunes (Rest of the world)
Beatport (Scandinavia)
Beatport (Rest of the world)
Spotify (Worldwide)

Rasmus Raz Lindvall – All For Love (Southside House Collective Remix)

We all know the famous Rob ‘N’ Raz duo who ruled the 90’s dance floor’s right?
Who can forget Rob ‘N’ Raz – Clubbhopping!
Now Raz is back with a tune that has a lovely touch of the 90’s but in a good 2012 fashion.

Supported By: Brown Sneakers, Christian Homan (RTE Radio), Mark Doyle, Simon Kaye, StoneBridge, Christoffer Földes, Dj Diurhuus, Dj Jerema (FR), Martin Hansen, Raymond Lam, Tobbe P, Tommy Scott

Hope you enjoy our remix take on this banger!!
We are humble for any support and feedback we can get out there in the EDM business!
Thanks in advance & much love!



Released by: PR Records
Release date: Apr 23, 2012

“Can You Feel The Love” + Free Download

This is our new single “Can U Feel the Love”, co-written together with Muff Cut and St. James.
On the link below you can purchase it. More sites will be added as soon as they get available

Beatport: Coming soon
Juno: Coming soon
DjTunes: Coming soon

If you mail us a screen dump or receipt as a proof of your purchase,
we will give you our fresh “Fired Up” bootleg (remember the old classic from Funky Green Dogs?).
Mail it to, and we will send you a downloadlink to the bootleg giveaway.


Anders Nyman Feat Steve Noble – Dirty (Southside House Collective Remix) OUT NOW

Anders Nyman from the Guru Josh Project/Guru Project (Infinity 2008, This is the night)
Is releasing a new track together with vocalist Steve Noble.

“Dirty” will be released on Monday October 10th.
Available on all major digital platforms like iTunes, Juno, Beatport etc:

Guess what?
Southside House Collective Remix included.
Preview found bellow

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Six Feet Under – Out Now On Spotify


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